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Meet the Artist


Hi there I'm Fiyin (Fee-yin) McCrary!

I'm an illustrator/ 2D animator from Atlanta, GA.

I've always loved to draw, especially cartoons, so decided to follow my passion by attending and graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). 

I decided to create Funkay Stuff in 2019 because throughout my life, but especially after graduating college, I realized the lack of children's art there was for black kids. Art that would both appeal to them, as well as, represent them in a fun, positive way. 

Hi! I'm Fiyin!

Nice to meet you!

funkay stuff

Funkay Stuff is all about promoting and showing self love to young, black kids! To remind them that they’re incredible in every size, complexion, and hair type! We want them to see themselves when they look at our art!

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