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Hard working, dedicated individual skilled in Toon Boom Harmony, Photoshop, Fire Alpaca, Concept Art Development, Adobe Premier Pro. Adobe After Effects, and customer service.

Geek Chic Cosmetics

Freelance Illustrator

  Illustrated the original brand mascots. As well as,

  create Illustrations for social media use, packaging,     

  and merchandise.

Nov 2020-May 2021

Funkay Stuff

Owner/Illustrator/Animator/Social Media Manager

  Creates  and sells original art prints. Manages   

  @funkaystuff Instagram page.

Oct 2019-June 2020

Eighth & Style 

Freelance Motion Graphics Artist

   Created gifs for social media use

Aug 2018





CW Studios

2D Puppet Animator

   Fully animated 4 characters with dialogue in       

   Toon Boom Harmony using Puppet animation.

“Drip”  SCAD Senior Film
    Creator, Director, Storyboardist, 2D Animation,  
    Visual Effects, and Sound.


“Kuro” Independent Project
     Animatic editor, Assistant writer, Instagram manager

May 2018

September 2016- August 2017



May 2016- Dec 2019







BMG Atlanta
    Assisted with voice over selections, a fashion shoot, and        

    office work.                      

Jan 2016-March 2016

Freedom Shorts XVIII

"Drip" short film chosen for Official Selection


Vancouver JFL Film Festival Canada Day Show 

"Drip" short film chosen to show at Canada Day celebration


Nevada's Women's Film Festival

"Drip" short film chosen for Official Selection


2018 Vancouver Just For Laughs Film Festival

"Drip" short film chosen for Official Selection


Spotlight Film Awards

"Drip" short film awarded the Gold Award



 Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta (SCAD)
    Graduated with a BFA in Animation, specifically 2D


Nov 2018



Feb 2018



Jan 2018



Dec 2017


July 2018

August 2017

Other Work



Retail Associate

Assist customers in selecting products, provide product

knowledge, process POS purchases.

Dec 2019-Present

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